Trends Editor for the Huffington Post U.S. -- based between Bristol, UK and Alicante, Spain. Fluent in Spanish. I've previously worked for Yahoo News, Daily Mail Online and the New York Daily News. My work has also appeared in the Daily Telegraph, Times, The Sun, Daily Star, Metro, Daily Mirror, The Herald and Daily Record.

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The Banksy effect: Rivals' work pops up near Dismaland as street art takes over Weston


Bonkers but brilliant: Yahoo joins 1,000 lucky locals inside Banksy's 'Dismaland' on opening day


At Banksy's 'Dismaland' - it's a mauled world after all


Banksy IS back! And here's what his Weston pop-up street art show looks like


Is Banksy about to reveal secret pop-up street art show in Weston-super-Mare?


Miss BumBum Is Back! Search For Brazil's Rear Of Year Returns


Pamplona bull running 2015: Daily Newser parties at San Fermin, but safely behind the barriers


Is the tiny Somerset village of Barton St. David the birthplace of the American Dream?


Barcelona vs. Juventus: 25 facts to get you in the mood for the Champions League final


Was Columbus from Ibiza? Bizarre claim of party isle politicians who say he had distinctive 'Ibizan' handwriting


'This goring will be the last:' Amateur bullfighter tossed into air vows to stay away from the ring


Broadchurch 2: Will courthouse scenes be the star as minor stars let slip plot clues?


Hunting for mushrooms in one of Spain's secret spots


Elusive street artist Banksy a source of pride for one British town


Nelson Mandela: A protester who became a prisoner who became an outstanding leader


Could this tag in Bristol be the most middle class graffiti ever?


Parrot rats out driver to cops at alcohol checkpoint: 'He's drunk!'


Granada: Snow, sun and tapas - Gliding down the slopes


Braying getaway donkey gives the game up for burglars


Prince Philip turns 92: There’s more to the Duke of Edinburgh than gaffes and silly comments


On call with the amazing men in green: A night out with our brave paramedics


Bryony is on course to rule the waves at London 2012: A day with an Olympic windsurfer


Living off the land might be a killer: A day foraging with River Cottage’s John Wright


Spanish matador suffers testicle 'evisceration' from horn during bullfight


‘Our baby’s the devil’, say Colombian parents whose child can ‘walk at four weeks and breathes fire’


Top doctors issue alert over 40 fatal legal highs


God's own Banksy: The church where graffiti artist was invited in to spray paint the walls


Pineapple express! 440 pounds of cocaine found hidden in fruits shipped to Spain


Chilean teen arrested for selling her unborn baby on Facebook for just £68


Raju the Elephant who was chained for 50 years cries tears of joy after being freed in India


Raju the crying elephant's owner launches legal action for custody: charity group


Brazilian office worker narrowly escapes truck crashing through wall


Super Beer with 32% alcohol content hits the shelves for £54.99


Terrifying footage shows 59-year-old man gored, tossed into air and tramped on by bull


Tiger Woods pens heartfelt letter to bullied Delaware teen after suicide attempt


Catholic bishop faces Vatican's wrath after he's busted cavorting with a scantily-clad beauty on the beach


Football fan, 26, dies after going eleven nights without sleep as he watched every single Euro 2012 match


German football star's model girlfriend is given yellow card by his own FA for 'being too sexy'


Spanish OAP who destroyed church fresco with DIY paint job sues for royalties after 30,000 flock to see her work


Spain's ghost airport: The €1BILLION transport hub closed after just three years that's now falling into rack and ruin


Spanish councillor forced to resign after her home-made pornographic movie was leaked online


Bond baddie Javier Bardem made 'enemy of the state' for suggesting Spanish government likes high unemployment


Time capsule conversation: Jeremiah McDonald talks to 12-year-old self using a video he made TWENTY years ago


Brazil and Peru take on web giant Amazon in battle for the .amazon domain name


That's a real drugs bust! Woman seized at Spanish airport with two bags of cocaine implanted inside her breasts


The chimpanzee who's addicted to porn: Spanish scientist's astonishment at female ape who won't stop XXX movies


Was this the first e-reader? Spanish teacher invented Kindle-style tablet in 1949 to stop pupils carrying heavy books


Criminal folds himself into suitcase to escape Venezuelan jail ... but plan is foiled when girlfriend struggles to push it


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